Tuition & Fees

At Bridges Christian College, each trimester is $2,200 (price excludes the cost of textbooks). However, after donations and financial aid grants, the out-of-pocket cost per student is only $200 per trimester! That makes the out-of-pocket cost per student only $600 per year!

Ecclesiastical Scholarship: Every student who is accepted into our degree programs qualifies for the “Ecclesiastical Scholarship” where, after donations and grants, the student’s out-of-pocket cost is only $200 per trimester. Students have to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to keep the scholarship.

$100 One Time Application fee
$200 Per Trimester Technology Fee (Non-Refundable)
$2,000 Full-Time per Trimester Tuition (Before Scholarship). Every student receives a discounted tuition thanks to donations and grants.
$1050 Two Classes Tuition (Part-Time).
$525 One Class Tuition (Part-Time).
$100 Per Credit Hour Directed Research Fee
$75 Late Registration Returning Student Late Registration Fee (Academic Calendar)
$50 Late Payment Late Payment Fee
$75 One Time Graduation Fee

Audit Schedule of Expenses

$100 Per Trimester First Course
$200 Per Trimester Second Course
$300 Per Trimester Third Course
$400 Per Trimester Fourth Course 

*Part-time students must complete the application process before registering for classes. 

Bridges Christian College also receives FAFSA pell grants. BCC does not participate in loan programs or offer loans, the school only receives grants.  All students and graduates are debt-free!  For more information about the pell grants, please visit the following link: